HI, I'M Katherine. 

You can also call me Kate. I’m a writer. I create magazine and service journalism, and my work has appeared across national outlets including The New York Times, Business Insider, Architectural Digest, Real Simple, Rewire, Roadtrippers, Health, Well + Good, and House and Garden, among others.

I'm currently the associate digital features editor at Architectural Digest where I cover architecture + design, real estate, and travel, among other topics. I graduated from The New School in New York City. A Hoosier at heart, I’m now based in Brooklyn. 

Work Samples

These are some of my favorite things I've worked on. Please reach out if you'd like to see my full portfolio.  You can also find a slightly larger list of my work under the "writing" tab. 


Is concrete the new ceramics? Find out in this story I reported for The New York Times

What is it like to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house? Seven homeowners share in this story for Architectural Digest

I interviewed superfans about living in fandom-inspired homes in this story for Architectural Digest

Swapping homes with strangers is as exciting as movies like The Holiday make it seem, according to people I interviewed for this story for Architectural Digest

Fans of mid-century architecture, corporate social responsibility, and small Midwestern towns might enjoy this story I wrote for Roadtrippers Magazine. 

The stigma of sleeping in separate bedrooms is over, according to designers I interviewed for Architectural Digest.

Should we all be living in under 350 square feet? I looked into this for Architectural Digest.

Personal Finance:

Is investing only for people with a lot of money? I spoke with 5 financial planners about how to invest your first $100 for Insider.

Ever wonder what people who retired early wished they would've known when they started their journeys? I asked nine FIREers in this story for Real Simple. 

How do our upbringings affect our money habits? I spoke with a millennial money coach about this topic for Insider

Careers and Work:

If you're curious about the changing relationship between social media and job recruitment, check out this story I reported for ReWire

If you can live anywhere, what makes any place the right place? I asked 8 freelancers and independent workers this question. Everything from taxes to opportunities comes into play, read about it in this story for Insider.

I started my career as a freelancer. I wrote about the viability of this and the future of work for young writers in this story for OutVoice.

Mental Health and Wellness:

How does touching affect us? And how do we think about it since the pandemic? I dug into these questions in this story for Rewire.  

Expensive bills for physical health are expected, but paying for mental care is seen as a luxury—and it shouldn't be. I wrote about this and affordable care options in this story for Health


I had the privilege of talking with Annika Marks about her newest film, and writing debut, Killing Eleanor for Her Campus.

What does it take to find happily ever after? I spoke with Stewart Lewis about his creative process and new novel, "Happily Whatever After," for Narratively

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