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HI, I'M Katherine.

You can also call me Kate. I’m a writer. My work has appeared across national outlets including Business Insider, Architectural Digest, Real Simple, Rewire, Roadtrippers, and Well + Good, among others. I tend to cover personal finance, design, careers and work, and culture and lifestyle. In general, I'd say I write about the things and people that interest me.

Recently, this has looked like small Indiana towns, financial accomplishments from young women, and how COVID-19 can impact our long-term mental health. I also cover short food news for Mashed News.

Outside of writing, I work full-time as a technical editor, a fancy term that boils down to copy editing more technical documents.

I love grammar, style, and structure, and enjoy thinking about how these choices affect a reader long after a piece of writing leaves my hands.

I’ve also been known to write a few songs, embark on after-work runs, walk aimlessly for hours, spend too much money on books, and watch the same rom-com over and over again.

I graduated from The New School in New York City. A Hoosier at heart, I’m now based in Brooklyn.

Work Samples

Here you'll find samples of my work. This is a non-exhaustive list, please reach out if you'd like to see my full portfolio.


Fans of mid-century architecture, corporate social responsibility, and small Midwestern towns will enjoy this story I wrote for Roadtrippers Magazine.

If you're a cat owner and a home design connoisseur, you may enjoy this piece I wrote for Architectural Digest's Clever.

Personal Finance:

Do you have to retire at 65? Read about a single woman's journey to retire at 35 in this piece I wrote for Business Insider.

Don't be a HENRY (high earner, not rich yet), read these tips to avoid lifestyle creep in a story I worked on for Business Insider.

Saving for retirement in the gig economy doesn't have to be daunting. Read about how to plan intentionally in this story I wrote for Real Simple.

Is investing only for people with a lot of money? I spoke with 5 financial planners about how to invest your first $100 for Insider.

Erika Kullberg, a lawyer and personal finance educator, shares what steps she took before quitting her $250,000 job in this story I wrote for Business Insider.

I also chatted with Erika about building a startup and passive income in this story for Business Insider.

I spoke with author and founder of Clever Girl Finance, Bola Sokunbi, about saving strategies and personal finance as it relates to females for Business Insider.

I spoke with Youtuber and personal finance educator, Aja Dang, about her journey to pay back $200,000 in student loan debt for Business Insider.

Some financial advice is hard to hear but worth following; these four pieces of advice often fit into that category. Check out why they're worth following in this article I wrote for Business Insider.

Turns out extreme frugality isn't the *most effective* way to save money. I wrote about my experience with frugality fatigue for Business Insider.

I loved speaking with Jeremy Lefebvre, Youtuber and investor, about building a six-figure portfolio while working as a manager at a gas station in this story for Business Insider.

Jeremy Lefebvre and I also spoke about earning money on Youtube, DIY investing, and becoming a millionaire before 30 in this story for Business Insider.

How do our upbringings affect our money habits? I spoke with a millennial money coach about this topic for Business Insider.

I shared about my spending guilt and a little trick I use to minimize this while saving more money for Insider

If you think TikTok only exists for fun and games, you're wrong. Read about some financial advice I've received — and taken — because of the app for Business Insider.

Careers and work:

If you're curious about the changing relationship between social media and job recruitment, check out this story I reported for ReWire.


How does touching affect us? And how do we think about it since the pandemic? I dug into these questions in this story for Rewire.

What are the mental health implications we need to consider once the pandemic is over? I wrote about COVID-19 survivor's guilt for Well + Good.

Culture and lifestyle:

What's up with influencer podcasts? I spoke with four social media personalities about their podcasts for Timber Media.

I had the privilege of talking with Annika Marks about her newest film, and writing debut, Killing Eleanor for Her Campus.

What does it take to find happily ever after? I spoke with Stewart Lewis about his creative process and new novel, "Happily Whatever After," for Narratively.

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