Work Samples

Outside of my writing and editing work, I've also worked as a fact checker. I'm available for hire for this too! Everybody loves an accurate story, below are some I've made sure are just that.

The (Literally) Unbelievable Story of The Original Fake News Network by Silivia Brindis Snow and Shane Snow for Narratively

My Lifelong Journey To Find PeeWee Herman by Angelina Drake for Narratively

The Secret Life of Russia’s Remote Freedom Fighter by Margarita Gokun Silver for Narratively

The International Murder Case That Changed My Reporting Career by Nina Li Coomes for Narratively

Two Geniuses, One Wheelchair, and An Audacious Plan To Swim With the Whales by Scot Danforth for Narratively

The Time I Spontaneously Flew Across the World for A Dead Rockstar by Erica Commisso for Narratively

The Indigenous Woman Behind South America’s Biggest Male Chefs by Megan Giller for Narratively

The King Who Ordered A Quarantine To Flatten The Curve 4,000 Years Ago by Carly Silver for Narratively